Why You Are Hitting Fat Shots And How To Stop Chunking

Fat shots are something that every golfer wants to avoid as they have nothing but a negative impact on score.

This kind of shot can shatter the confidence of any player.

But the good news is that you can avoid playing fat shots by taking some small measures.

Inexperienced golfers tend to be most vulnerable to this problem since counteractive measures must be taken to break the habit.

Any player can overcome this mistake with the right guidance and willingness to improve.

Here are 14 reasons why you might be hitting fat shots and how you can overcome them to stop chunking.

1. How it Happens

The fat shot is basically a false shot.

It occurs when you hit the ground first instead of hitting the ball which can cause chunking.

2. Injury

A fat shot can make you look like a fool in front of your fellow golfers.

Worse still, the resistance from the ground can cause wrist injuries which can take you out of the game for a long time.

3. Swing Position

If the bottom of the swing arc is a long way behind the ball, it can lead to this mistake.

4. Weight

Uneven distribution of weight might be the cause of a fat shot.

If your body position is incorrect, then poor alignment will cause you to struggle to play the shot well.

5. Ball Position

You should position the ball correctly to avoid a fat shot.

The ball should not be too far forward which causes you to have to reach out to it.

6. Backswing

If your club position is too far inwards and away from the target line, then you will misplace the shot.

7. Do Not Lean In

A lot of golfers make the common mistakes of leaning towards the ball and not lowering their head.

The result is an inaccurate fat shot.

8. Downswing

Maintain a central position on the downswing.

If you are too far towards the right (or left for lefties), then you will miss the shot.

Instead keep your posture steady and shift your weight appropriately.

9. Point of Impact

At the point of impact, you should have around 80% of your weight on the front foot.

10. Stand Properly

Bring both your feet together and center the ball in between them.

This is a good set-up to avoid fat shots.

11. Chest

Your chest should clear aggressively at the point of impact and your body should unwind like a coil as you hit the ball.

12. Timing

Keep your eyes on the ball and play the shot at the perfect time.

Do not swing so fast that it’s unwieldy, or so slow that you lose power.

13. Swing

Get the club to swing more in front of the body.

This way you can develop better angles and will be able to make solid contact.

14. Alignment Rod

If you are unsure of how to play the shot and what position you should take up, consider using an alignment rod.

If you practice with one, soon you will be striking fantastically well.

Fat shots can cause embarrassment and also make it difficult for golfers to take initiative in a game.

The good news is experts believe fat shots and chunking have nothing to do with the lack of skill but are instead related to lack of focus and attention.

To move from novice to intermediate golfer, you must avoid this shot at all costs, and some practice time will get you there.

By following these tips, you should be able to remove those imperfections in exchange for being a step closer to mastering your golf fundamentals.

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