What To Do If Your Ball Lands In A Sand Trap?

The sand trap is a hurdle that every golfer dreads.

They intimidate even the most experienced pros because they’re so difficult to get out of.

Without investing practice time in learning how to get out of them, sand traps are likely to ruin your rounds and reduce your scores.

By learning the following key techniques, you will be able to master the sand trap shot.

Here are 12 tips to guide you to get out once and for all.

1. Get A Sand Wedge

The sand wedge is a special club that you can use when in a sand trap.

If you can get your hands on a good quality sand wedge, it will make it far easier to play this shot.

2. Avoid Fat Shots

A fat shot should always be avoided because the results are never good.

If you play this shot in the sand, then the ball is unlikely to get out of the trap.

3. Grounding The Club

Do not ground the club behind the ball before you play the shot.

Curb above the ball before you take a swing.

4. Accelerate

If you do not accelerate the speed of your club when playing the shot, then you are unlikely to generate the required power to lift the ball out of the trap.

5. Stance

Take a wide stance when in the sand trap.

Open the clubface to increase the loft.

This way your club will get underneath the ball and lift it out of the trap.

6. Weight Shift

Shift all your weight to the left side.

This is the only time in a golf game where you would want the edge of the club to dig the ball.

7. Scoop

Let the club head do most of the work.

Do not hit downwards; try scooping the ball back onto the sand.

8. Strike The Sand First

You should hit the sand first before you actually strike the ball.

This will allow the club and sand to carry the ball out of the trap.

9. The Hit

Often golfers go for too much power or too little power when in a sand trap.

Hitting thin and heavy shots won’t do you any good here.

10. The Rules

Remember that there are certain rules that apply when playing on the sand.

Your club cannot touch the sand until you play the shot, or you get a penalty.

11. Positions

The position where the ball ends up in the trap can vary, which makes it impossible to select one type of shot to always play in the sand.

You will have to judge the situation and play the most effective shot with composure.

12. Backspin

With no backspin on the ball, it should easily lift out of the trap. Just play it straight and follow the procedure.

No player should be worried when the ball ends up in the sand trap because it is a part of the game.

Every golfer winds up there sooner or later.

If you learn how to play shots in the sand, you will feel more comfortable on the golf course because you are no longer anxious about traps.

Follow these tips, spend some practice time in the sand and you will not stay in the sand trap for long.

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