The Golf Swing Speed Challenge

The Golf Swing Speed ChallengeDesigned by British sports scientist Alex Gairdner. this program aims to help golfers to improve and increase their golf speed.

After making his own discovery, his swing speed improved from 93.8 to 114 mph.

So the question is how did he achieve that?

In just 56 days.

Well according to him, we can increase our gains by 2 to 2.5 years for every 1 mph of swing speed.

Alex himself used 2.2 yards to workout in order to achieve 44.3 yards in distance.

After learning about Alex’s personal distance gains I wanted to take this golf swing speed challenge for myself and discovered the exercises very simple to understand and apply.

There are no complicated movements whatsoever and I can execute them all at home.

To be honest, because I have not worked out in a while, I found the exercises a bit tough on my body at first.

But as I kept doing them, it got easier and easier and I started to feel great.

I personally thought it was great how you could do all the exercises at home without any expensive equipment.

All the way through the challenge I was checking my swing speed.

Initially, I did not notice any improvement, which I think was because my body was adjusting.

Then after 2 weeks, I noticed about a 5 mph improvement and then I kept on getting faster and faster until at the end of the program I had a 14 mph improvement.

That works out to be 30 yards added to my shots.

This has made golf so much more fun for me.

Now I am back to hitting par 5’s in two and getting a lot closer to the green on par 4’s.

But the biggest benefits of going through this program is my swing feels so much easier.

Even though I’m swinging faster it feels easier.

Also I do not feel in pain anymore when I’m swinging.

And I’m swinging about 80 – 90% on my driver swing so it is similar to as I was swinging before but so much faster now.

I have done many other things to try to improve my swing speed like yoga, static stretches etc.

But none of them helped increase my swing speed.

After doing this the results speak for themselves.The Golf Swing Speed Challenge

So if you want to hit the ball further, I cannot recommend this highly enough.

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