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Callaway Golf Ball Retriever


The Callaway Ball Retriever is perfect for any penalty shot that lands you anywhere but where you want to be!


Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

Gone are the days where you are fishing for your golf balls out of the water that you just hit in.

The Callaway Ball Retriever has an ergonomic sure-grip that makes it easy to hold on to while you are fishing your ball out of the water, or trying to grab it in those hard to reach areas.

Contains a stainless steel retriever mechanism and has a high quality aluminum alloy that helps minimize bending when it’s fully extended.

Comes in both a 15’ length and a 6’ length.

Includes a dual zip head cover making it look like any other club you have in your golf bag.

Plus, the pocket version fits nicely in most bag apparel pockets.

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