Preventing The Ball From Hitting High On The Clubface

Failure to strike the golf ball properly leads to frustration and anger among most players.

For some, it can even be a source of embarrassment so strong it causes them to give up the game.

Inability to play proper golf shots comes down to a lack of practice and concentration.

Often casual golfers play their shots hurriedly, and this leads to poor accuracy and mistiming of shots.

Golf is a game of patience, and a player must analyze the set target before going about completing it.

Here are a few ideas that might help you avoid hitting the ball high on the clubface.

1. Normal Stance

There is no need to do something extraordinary.

Just go by your regular routine and take up your normal stance.

2. Place the Ball

Place your ball normally.

Make sure that half of the ball sticks above the face of the club.

3. Tee Position

Check your tee position again.

If it is too high, then you will hit the ball high on the clubface.

4. Backspin

Drives with more backspin are likely to travel lesser distances and may compromise your accuracy.

Avoid too much backspin.

5. Square Clubface

Your aim should be to keep the clubface square during takeaway.

Otherwise, you won’t make proper contact.

6. Clubs

Your ball placement will vary depending on the type of club you are using.

Drivers, fairway woods and hybrids all have different lengths and need to be positioned differently.

7. Central Hits

When you hit the ball right in the center, the club twists in your hand as it absorbs the impact.

This results in improving the direction of the shot along with the distance.

The impact is not absorbed, however, when you strike the ball too high on the clubface.

8. Alignment

The ball should be placed in a manner where it aligns with your lead heel.

9. Upswing

Practice hitting the ball on the upswing to get a feel for the shot. Don’t release your wrists too early.

Try to find the perfect balance.

10. Downswing

You must get a proper downswing if you want to hit the ball at the center of the clubface.

Rotate your hips naturally and make a proper transition.

11. Spin

Too much spin is bad for your game.

The faster the ball spins, the higher it lifts up.

However, it will not reach the distance you want.

12. Shallow Backswing

Keep your backswing shallow and do not try to get under the ball too much.

This will help you hit the ball at its sweet spot.

13. Follow Through

Wrap the club around your shoulders at the end of each swing.

An improper follow-through will lead to misdirected shots.

14. The Club

Poor shots could come down to a bad selection of clubs.

A stiff club for someone with a quick swing will lead to inconsistency.

When golfers lose focus on the course, the common result is shots that strike the ball high on the clubface.

The positioning of the club is important, and so is the way you strike the ball.

In order to hit the perfect drive, you must overcome these minor obstacles and hone your technique.

Striking the ball perfectly will lead to better shots and an improved score.

Follow these tips and work on your game extensively, and in time you will learn to never hit the ball high on the club face again.

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