One Strange Tip For Longer Drives

There is one aspect of your setup with a great influence on the distance you hit your shots.

That is alignment.

So in this rather short yet valuable article I will share with you an easy and effective method to help you improve your alignment and consequently hit longer golf shots.

To do this golf alignment exercise, setup to a golf shot as normal and get comfortable.

Then just before you are ready to hit your shot, get at least 2 golf balls and without moving your feet place them directly behind your heels so they are touching your feet.

Now take your feet away and go back behind your ball down the line of your target and see how good your alignment was.

The beauty of doing this golf alignment exercise is that it shows you exactly where you are aligning your feet.

After which you can simply change the golf balls so they align correctly and then setup with these balls touching your heels.

If your feet have been aligned incorrectly for a while, then it will feel quite strange when you align them correctly.

But keep practicing and before long, your new feet golf alignment will become second nature.

Doing this will help you achieve longer and straighter shots.

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