Develop Your Golf Swing And Enjoy The Game

There are so many components of the body at work.

The same applies to your golf swing.

There are so many movements and factors involved in your golf swing; something is bound to go wrong.

Just like the person who fixes the machine has to figure out what part of the machine needs fixed, if you want to improve your golf swing, you’re going to have to know what went wrong.

Get Back To Basics

When you first started learning how to golf, you probably were very careful and thought about each and every step of what you had to do when you would swing your golf club.

You had to do this because it wasn’t second nature to you, it was new.

As time went on, you probably got more lax in concentrating on every individual part of the movement.

Also, if when you were new you built bad habits into your golf swing, they are now ingrained into your muscle memory.

If you want to improve your golf swing, you have to start breaking down every component of a golf swing and actually concentrate on what you are doing as you do it.

Hopefully you will be able to recognize what you are doing wrong.

The naked eye isn’t very good for catching every nuance of a complex movement.

This is why it is so critical for any golfer who is serious about wanting to improve to video record their golf swing.

By watching yourself and being able to slow the video down you should be able to spot your weaknesses and be able to drastically improve your golf swing.

Work On Your Pre-Swing Mechanics

If you actually concentrate on your pre-swing mechanics you may also be able to drastically improve your golf swing.

Make sure your

1. head position is good,

2 body is squared up properly and

3. ball is placed in the proper location.

You have to be sure your weight is distributed where it is supposed to be.

You also need to have the correct stance.

Check to make sure your grip is good.

Make sure your wrists are positioned properly throughout the swing. Some golfers have a real problem with ensuring they get a full range of motion throughout their golf swing.

By making sure that you are concentrating on all aspects of the pre-swing and the actual swing, you should be able to improve your golf swing.

This will result in better rounds of golf.

Of course, better rounds of golf mean a greater enjoyment of the game while you’re on the course.

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