How To Hit A Golf Ball To An Elevated Surface?

One of the most difficult shots in golf is the elevated shot, which brings the ball from a low downward position back up to an elevated surface.

Often in a game you will find yourself in a situation where playing this shot will be the only option.

Yet, a lot of golfers try to avoid it because it is challenging.

The main problem with this shot is getting the accuracy just right. Judging distance is difficult.

But if you can learn the physics of hitting elevated shots, then you will be able to perform better.

The quicker you manage to get the ball back to a higher surface, the better it will be for you.

Here are tips that will teach you how to hit a golf ball to an elevated surface.

Take Caution: Don’t aggressively attack the ball. Take caution before you play the shot and go slowly.

Practice: Before you strike the ball, take some practice shots to build momentum and get in the zone.

Stance: Maintain your regular stance. There is no need to take a step forward to generate more power.

Body: Keep your body positioned downwards during the swing to get a higher rate of consistency.

Hook: Don’t try hooking the ball. You will lose direction and only manage a skyward shot.

Normal Swing: There is no need to try anything extraordinary. Just maintain your regular swing, and you should be able to get elevation.

Lofted Club: Take a club that can give you more loft. This could mean a reduction in distance, but you will have to compromise on one or the other.

Short Clubs: Short clubs are good for playing lofty shots.

Angles: Get your angles right, and you will manage a lofted shot. The right impact with the clubface will lead to an elevated shot.

Gravity: This also plays a role in the trajectory of the ball. A ball with lower trajectory will be more influenced by the gravitational force.

Trajectory: Lower trajectory will mean you lose more distance on the shot. The natural arc is interrupted because of the downward force.

Spin: Spin can also affect the way a ball moves. It can either take the ball left or right depending on the shot played.

Aerial Shot: When faced with an uphill task, many players take the aerial route. This is a big mistake because only aiming for height will compromise accuracy.

Scooping: Don’t scoop your shots. Doing so only leads to poor contact with the ball, and you won’t gain any height.

Downward Position: Experts believe that the correct ball position and a downward strike should be enough to play a good elevated shot.

Drive-Through: With a proper swing movement, the clubhead should drive the ball and sweep it along. This will get the elevation you are looking for on the shot.

Practice makes every golfer as close to perfect as possible.

So, what are you waiting for?

Hit the golf course to start practicing!

A lofted shot to an elevated surface will be no problem if you follow these tips and keep all the golfing basics in mind.

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