How To Grip Golf Club?

Golf is all about taking care of the minor details and knowing how to properly grip the club is one of the most important techniques.

All golfing pros recommend that you first learn the basics of golf, such as stance and how to hold the club, before hitting the course.

This may seem like a time-consuming and unnecessary exercise, but it is well worth the effort.

Because when you learn the right way from the start, you won’t have bad habits to work out later.

Here are a few top tips to teach you how to hold a golf club properly.

Hang The Arms: Let your arms hang naturally by your sides. Don’t apply any pressure; just stand freely.

The Grasp: Grasp the club gently, but make sure that your grip is firm enough that you maintain control of the shot.

The Left Hand: With your left hand (for right-handed players), take the handle of your golf club with the clubface positioned square towards the target.

Hold With Your Fingers: Make sure that you hold the club with your fingers rather than grasping with your palm.

This will give you a better feel for the club, which translates to better control.

The Right Hand: Your right hand’s index finger should touch the club’s last joint.

The Middle Finger: Your middle finger should touch the club at its last two joints.

Placing the Thumb: Place your thumb down the shaft.

A V where your two hands meet indicates that you have the correct position. In this formation the thumb and forefinger of each hand should point just inside your right shoulder.

Left Side of the Shaft: Never place your thumb down the left side of the shaft.

This will weaken your grip, leading to either a slice or a hook.

Your Little Finger: Your pinky finger can be placed in more than one position depending on your style.

It can either overlap or interlock with your left index finger.

Light Pressure: Do not apply too much pressure on the grip.

Keep it light and maintain a relaxed stance.

Swinging Motion: Your golf grip should allow you to play shots in a tension-free motion.

The more natural your style, the better shots you will be able to play. But don’t let the club fly away from your hands.

Do Not Change Grip: Once you have decided upon a grip, stick to it.

By constantly changing grips, a lot of golfers lose their technique and end up making mistakes on the golf course.

Golf is not a game that you should expect to learn overnight.

If you are dedicated, you will slowly but gradually master all the techniques necessary to excel at this game.

The golf grip is the first thing you need to learn before stepping onto the golf course.

A good grip ensures better accuracy and powerful shots.

Start practicing today, and tomorrow you will be a better player than you were when you started reading this article.

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