How To Gain Distance On Your Shots

A brilliant golf player should possess a complete range of shots.

That is because in any game, you will have to play all the shots at one point or the other.

If you are comfortable playing all the shots in the book, then no hurdle can stand in your way.

One of the toughest golf shots is the long-range drive, which is played over a long distance and requires a considerable amount of power.

Even the best golfers struggle playing this shot, but with the right technique and guidance, you can master it.

Golf is all about understanding the movements of your body.

If you can get the right sequence, then you will be able to deliver a perfectly accurate shot. Here are a few tips to guide you to gain greater distance.

The Details

1. The Warm-Up

Start by warming up, and get the blood flowing to your arms.

A lot of amateurs make the mistake to jump onto the golf field without stretching out properly.

A solid warm-up will energize your body, put you in the right frame of mind, and prepare your body for the hard work it’s about to do.

2. Increase Your Fitness

If you feel that you are not physically fit or lack stamina, then hit the gym to build some muscle.

If you are not strong enough, then you will not be able to deliver a powerful swing.

Also work in some cardio to ensure you don’t tire out on the course.

3. Relax Your Arms

The positioning of your arms is very important for the ball to reach a farther distance.

As you make impact, your arms should be relaxed and stretched out.

Do not tighten your muscles otherwise you will not be able to rotate your body properly.

4. Using The Centrifugal Force

When you strike the ball with the center of the club, you will achieve a long-distance shot.

Your body should make a centered turn around your spine as the arms swing around your body.

This centrifugal force can help you deliver maximum impact.

5. Shift Your Body Weight

Shifting your body weight effectively is another essential part of shot making.

If you can properly transfer your weight, then you will get longer distance on your shots.

6. The Follow-Through

Your hips should not sway as you move your shoulders.

As you complete the swing, pay attention to the follow-through to ensure that you get direction along with power.

7. Do Not Bend Your Knee

Body positioning is the key element for getting longer distances on your golf swing.

Make sure that your left knee remains stable and does not bend inward.

8. Hand Positioning

If you can get a proper hand release, then your shot distance will increase considerably.

Make sure that your hands are in the correct position before you hit the ball.

9. The Body Movement

Start by taking a short backswing and check on your position.

When the club reaches waist height, your thumbs should point downwards as if you were shaking hands.

The bottom line is that if you work hard enough on the golf course, you can achieve anything.

Power, precision, and accuracy can all be yours by positioning your body correctly and maintaining your stance.

If you follow these tips, you will surely get more distance on your shots and improve your game.

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