How To Chip A Golf Ball?

The golf chip shot requires precision and takes a lot of effort on the player’s part to perfect.

This shot enables you to bring the ball back onto a level surface.

Its main purpose is to get the ball onto the green as quickly as possible while also making sure it drops near the hole.

Regardless of which type of club you choose to play the chip shot, it is crucial that you make the most of it so that it doesn’t negatively affect your score.

Here are 15 top tips to teach you how to chip a golf ball.

1. Pick The Spot

The first thing that you need to do is pick your target spot.

This is where where you want the ball to land.

2. Visualize

Golf pros claim that visualizing the shot helps with retaining focus, and as a result, they play better.

3. Choose The Club

Pick out an appropriate club from your bag.

Choose a club that is likely to give you more lofts on your shots.

4. Practice Shots

Like every other move, you must first do a couple of practice shots.

Look at the trajectory of the ball and how you want to play it.

5. Wrist Position

Do no put additional pressure on your wrists.

Just maintain your regular grip and keep your hands ahead of the club head.

6. Backswing

Your backswing will determine the distance the ball travels in the air.

7. Shoulders

Your shoulders should be firm and held together as a strong unit.

8. Body Movements

Keep the lower part of your body relatively still while the upper body rotates back and forth.

9. Weight

You should keep your body weight slightly over your front foot so that your shoulders can move in a relaxed manner.

10. Posture

Do not take a huge backswing when playing this shot.

You only need a slow backswing movement to deliver the perfect chip.

11. Practice

The chip shot may not always come off as perfect.

But with practice you will be able to overcome your problems and learn the technique of this shot.

12. No Scooping

A scoop shot is wasteful and does not do you any good.

Avoid this type of shot by letting the clubface automatically lift the ball.

13. Fast Impact

Even though this is a short distance shot, you must accelerate at the point of impact to get the right elevation.

14. Point Of Impact

When the club strikes the ball, your left arm and the shaft of club must be in a straight line (right arm for lefties).

15. Strike

You have to hit the bottom of the ball to make it go up in the air.

If you strike the top or middle part, then the outcome will be erratic.

The Bottom Line

Top golf pros recommend practicing all shots regularly.

Most of them spend more time working on long drives.

But what they should be doing is practice chipping since short-range shots are played more often.

The chip shot is simple, and you should not really be troubled to play it on the course after a little practice.

Follow these tips and you will be able to master this shot in no time at all.

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