Execute Your Golf Stroke With Laser-Guided Precision!

Do you dream of achieving consistent laser-guided precision in your golf strokes?

Believe it or not, you do not need any fancy technology.

You can develop pin-point, repeatable accuracy with your own in-built laser guidance system.

You may be asking what I mean.

What I mean is the power of focus and with a little practice you can easily acquire this skill that will make you the envy of the fairway.

You enjoy the pleasure of seeing those balls smack your targets just like a laser-guided bomb.

Precision Strokes On The Fairway?

Have you ever consistently hit great long-range precision shots at the driving range only to find yourself disappointed with lackluster performance on the fairway?

Your falloff in performance is most likely to do with your mental game.

With the much less structured environment of the fairway, your brain has many more distractions to contend with.

In much the same way as a race car driver recovers from a skid, it is crucial that you withdraw your focus from where you do not want the ball to go, like bunkers and such and focus instead on where you want it to go.


Your brain works to render the dominant image that you hold in your head.

If your image is one of not hitting the bunker, the bunker is the most likely outcome you will create.

Instead, concentrate on where you intend the ball to go at the exclusion of all else.

Choose a narrow feature of your target area like a tree branch or a distinctive patch of grass.

Visualize the ball landing exactly where you want it..

With intent focus and only thoughts of where you want the ball to go, you will produce your desired result.

Focus is your only key to ensuring the ball goes precisely according to your intention. With this crucial mental factor addressed.

Let us take a look in the technique department.

The Chill Factor?

You know, if there is a common ingredient to superior performance in all sports, it is the relaxation or chill factor.

Paradoxically relaxation often overcomes brute force.

It underlies martial arts principles. like Aikido and the essence of what football great and recent winner of Dancing with the Stars.

Smith Calls Being In The Zone?

If you are flexible, you can more easily take effective, clear-headed, responsive action in any given situation.

The same holds true for your golf.

Cultivate the intention of relaxation over power in your game and focus on striking the golf ball in a relaxed and easy manner.

You exert less effort in your swing and will be surprised when the ball travels an equal if not greater distance, then when your intent is on power driving. So chill and enjoy.

Cultivate Your Swing Plane?

To achieve repeatable accuracy, you must ensure that your club-head follows a consistent path in the same swing plane every time.

Think of your swing plane as an inclined disc that envelops the trajectory of your club.

Swing planes are as unique as thumb prints.

So you need to experiment with your arm positioning to discover the right swing plane that works for you.

Move slowly through your downswing and notice how individual adjustments of the different joint angles lead to consistency and comfort.

Again, comfort is your key indicator.

Align Your Clubface?

It might seem obvious, but the alignment of your clubface directly dictates the trajectory of your ball.

You can maximize control over of your clubface angles by ensuring that your leading wrist is flat with respect to your forearm through your downswing to impact.

Do not be tempted to snap your wrists at the bottom of your swing.

It is a common misconception amongst amateur golfers that the wrist snap gives more power.

Truth is the opposite.

According to Theodore Lorenzen, expert on the physics of golf, this action reduces club head speed.

Moreover, it screws up your club head alignment.

So keep those wrists flat and you enjoy a great foundation for whacking the ball at the proper angle every time.

Laser Guided Precision?

Yes, practice these simple strategies and enjoy a wonderful improvement in your accuracy and your scoring.

Remember to think David over Goliath and cultivate accuracy over power.

Chill out, get in your zone and be relaxed in your swing action.

Cultivate you unique swing plane for repeatability.

Keep your wrist flat for refined control over your clubface alignment.

Finally, whack those balls with laser-guided precision when you tie it all together with the simple mental strategy of focus.

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