Easy Swing Plane

Easy Swing Plane

Created by Jeff Richmond – who also authored Stress Free Golf Swing and Consistent Golf, Easy Swing Plane is his third program in the making that takes golfers not just in improving their golf swing but overall gameplay to a whole new level and greater heights.

Whether you are starting out or have been playing golf for sometime as intermediate, it does not matter.

Chances are you will still struggle in striking the ball where you want it go consistently.

The main problem Jeff sees is just 2 words.

Swing Plane.

Because from his years of playing and networking experience with other golf professionals, he realizes without a proper golf swing plane – which is an essential foundation, you will never be able to get your fundamentals right in striking even if you know mentally.

The swing plane is the engine of the golf swing.

When you understand how to swing correctly, you will find the game to be more fun.

After discovering the critical differences between professional and amateur players, he decided to create a program in which he can help others the same way he is helped by the pros.

What Is This Program About?

Easy Swing PlaneIt is an essentially a 3-step process designed to guide in an easy-to-learn-and-apply format.

Simply by focusing on these, you will find yourself improving in your play in no time.

What Are The 3 Steps?

They are:

1. The Perfect On Plane Takeaway

Which sets the foundation for the entire golf swing and is essential for you to swing on plane each and every time.

2. The Ideal Backswing Plane

Here Jeff provides you the best drill in the world to groove a consistent and repeatable back swing plane.

If you have been struggling with over the top death move, here is your solution.

3. The Downswing Plane For Consistent Ball Striking And Effortless Power

In the final step, Jeff shows you how to get into a perfect position on the downswing.

In order to strike the ball with consistency and force of a professional golfer.

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