Easy Putting Tip With Rod Spittle

For those of you who do not know who Rod Spittle is, let us give you a little insight on him.

Rod Spittle was born in Ontario, Canada and played his college golf at The Ohio State University.

He turned pro in 2004. just before he turned 50.

He began playing on the Champions Tour in 2005 where his best finish in four years on the tour was a T-2 in 2007.

After taking a couple of years off, in 2010 he played Monday-qualified for the AT&T Championship and won the event in a sudden death playoff over Jeff Sluman.

He did not take the smoothest road to get back on Champions Tour as he was well into his 50’s when he qualified again.

Golf Life caught up with Rod Spittle at a Champions Tour event where he showed us one of the easiest putting tips.

This is a putting tip that you can do to practice or to get ready to play a round.

The main emphasis is to continuously see the ball go in the hole giving you more and more confidence between the 2-6 foot putts.

Rod Spittle lines up 3 balls on a fairly straight, uphill putt at 2, 4, and 6 feet. Making each putt back to back to back is the key here as it re-enforces your stroke.

If you are missing one of the three or two of the three, it is safe to say that your stoke is not very consistent.

On top of this, Rod puts a red dot on the top of the ball.

This allows for better focus through the putting stroke.

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