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10 Things To Consider When Buying Golf Clubs

Buying golfing equipment is no simple task. There are so many brands out there that when you go to the pro shop or sports store, it is easy to get lost. A lot of golf players end up paying high prices for poor quality golf clubs, which negatively affects their game and their wallet. But […]


14 Tips On Perfecting Your Backswing

Many experts believe that the backswing is actually more important than the golf swing itself. Golfing is all about precision, and the backswing is no different. Some top pros nowadays focus more practice time on golfing factors such as the backswing rather than playing shots. This decision comes down to the fact that playing a […]


Why Slicing The Ball Reduces Your Accuracy And How To Fix It

All golfers face trouble playing different types of shots and the slice is a golfer’s worst nightmare. Because there are too many shots, it will be best to master the good and eradicate the bad ones at a time. Inability to get proper contact on the ball leads to a sliced shot, and the result […]


Why You Are Hitting Fat Shots And How To Stop Chunking?

Fat shots are something that every golfer wants to avoid as they have nothing but a negative impact on score. This kind of shot can shatter the confidence of any player. But the good news is that you can avoid playing fat shots by taking some small measures. Inexperienced golfers tend to be most vulnerable […]


Where To Position Your Feet When Teeing Off

In football, if your wall is not positioned correctly, then you will not be able to block the ball. In baseball, if you do not have the right batting stance, you will not be able to hit the ball out of the park. Likewise in golf, if you do not know where to position your […]


Hitting The Golf Ball To Execute A Perfect Shot

Every golfer dream of hitting the golf ball to execute a perfect shot every time they play. But doing it just once is easier said than done. The pros make it look easy. But the truth is that it takes a lot of practice to execute an ideal shot. First, learn the basics and focus […]


What To Do If Your Ball Lands In A Sand Trap?

The sand trap is a hurdle that every golfer dreads. They intimidate even the most experienced pros because they’re so difficult to get out of. Without investing practice time in learning how to get out of them, sand traps are likely to ruin your rounds and reduce your scores. By learning the following key techniques, […]


9 Tried And Tested Tips For Improving Your Golf Swing

Golf’s rising popularity has led a lot of newcomers to take up the sport. However, despite the increase in the number of golf enthusiasts, many casual players have limited knowledge about technique. So, it comes as no surprise that most amateurs struggle with developing a good swing. You will not learn golf overnight. Frankly, no […]


Preventing The Ball From Hitting High On The Clubface

Failure to strike the golf ball properly leads to frustration and anger among most players. For some, it can even be a source of embarrassment so strong it causes them to give up the game. Inability to play proper golf shots comes down to a lack of practice and concentration. Often casual golfers play their […]


Placing The Ball Correctly In Your Stance

Every great golf shot has its foundations in the way you position the ball. Yet, the importance of ball position is often overlooked. Other aspects of the game, such as shot placement, can overshadow this key factor. The ball’s flight is linked to the way it is positioned on the course and you also have […]