9 Tried And Tested Tips For Improving Your Golf Swing

Golf’s rising popularity has led a lot of newcomers to take up the sport.

However, despite the increase in the number of golf enthusiasts, many casual players have limited knowledge about technique.

So, it comes as no surprise that most amateurs struggle with developing a good swing.

You will not learn golf overnight.

Frankly, no one can.

But if you put in the effort, with time, you will see positive results.

Here are 9 tried and tested tips for improving your golf swing:

1. Solidify Your Foundation

Before striking the ball, the first thing that you need is a powerful standing platform.

If you have the correct posture, then half your job is already done.

2. Control Your Swing

You must feel the ground beneath your feet and be aware of your surroundings.

Unless your feet are properly on the ground, you will have trouble controlling your swing.

3. Watch Your Grip

A key element of the golf swing is the grip, or how you hold the club.

The perfect grip is required to deliver maximum impact.

If you have too tight a grip, then your shoulders will have a difficult time rotating, thus compromising accuracy.

If you hold the club too loosely, then your shot will veer off as a slice or hook.

4. Essential Body Movements

The takeaway is when you draw back your arms to take the shot.

But your arms are not the only things moving.

They should move in sequence with the rotation of the upper torso.

You must stay in sync throughout the process, or you will lose power and accuracy.

5. Concentrate On Hip Movement

If you want to play great long-distance shots, then you will have to increase your hip turn.

Ideally, your hips should turn away from the target as much as possible in the backswing.

If you are not able to turn your hips steadily, then you will struggle to maintain balance.

6. Timing And Follow-Through

2 key elements of timing involve keeping the clubhead along the target line for a long period and keeping the clubface pointed towards the target for a long period.

Basically, maintain your stance through your entire swing and you will time things just right.

7. Placing The Club

The bottom of your swing has to be in front of the ball every time you strike.

Your shaft should lean towards the point of impact.

If you try to go for power, then your wrists will lose grip, and you will scoop the ball rather than placing it.

8. The Perfect Finish

Use the ground to your advantage.

You can use it to generate more force and hit the ball farther.

When going for the finish, keep your arms extended and towards the target.

You will feel like you are off the ground, and the finish will be powerful.

9. Practice Regularly

My final tip on achieving the perfect golf swing is practice.

If you can practice regularly, then your game will improve considerably.

So use these 9 tips as you continue working hard, and the results will be visible in no time at all.

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