15 Minutes To  Great Golf Swing

Created by Jeff Richmond – who also authored The Stress-Free Golf Swing and Easy Swing Plane, 15 Minutes To Perfect Golf Swing is especially designed for complete but enthusiastic golf beginners to grasp and master their swing in shortest time possible.

If you have always been struggling and need help badly from someone who has done and achieved what you are aiming for, Jeff is the perfect mentor for you.

With his newly developed course from his Consistent Golf series that encompasses other programs I just mentioned above, you are going to get immediate benefits.

Such as:

1. Longer drives that will make your buddies demand you move back to the championship tees,

2. A sense of control and real ownership of your golf swing,

3. Precisions accuracy that will make hunting down tucked flatsticks child’s play,

4. The ability to groover a reliable, repeatable and powerful golf swing without having to spend hourless hours on the range.

About Jeff

Easy Swing PlaneSo who is Jeff and why should you listen to him?

Jeff is a seasoned golf veteran for years and now a certified director of Instruction Consistent Golf Institute – an academy to develop and train beginners into world-class professionals.

Understanding the most common problems beginners went through like he did before, he designed a series of programs catering to the different demands and needs of players depending on their skill level as in newbie, intermediate and advanced.

According to him, the only way to improve your swing is to change your typical style or habit that you may have developed consciously or unconsciously but that never work for you.

Into one that does.

What Do You Get From The Program?

15 Minutes To Great Golf Swing

Should you be keen to invest in his program with the intent of really wanting to improve your swing and even take to the next level, this is what you will be getting:

1. 84 page PDF that explains the Perfect Golf Swing method in full detail,

2. 12 videos to help you see and understand what Golf Swing method is like visually,

3. MP3 audio that guides you through this method while you are doing other things but can still listen in,

4. 1 page PDF cheat sheet that structures this method in 5 easy-to-follow steps

The best part is that this system will get you off of the golf instruction hamster wheel once and for all with a full 60-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee.

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